Thursday, May 3, 2012

After 11 days of incubation, we "candle" the eggs again.

We want to confirm the number of live embryos, and compost the ones that have not developed.  WE HAVE 8 live, active baby chicks developing!  We are thrilled that all of the 8 eggs which we thought were good on day 7 are actually doing great!

Here is our candling video of an egg that is a "dud", you can see it is very transparent, with the yolk coming up to the top of the egg, leveling itself.  Apparently, eggs with very porous shells, like this one, usually do not successfully hatch.

This one is also for the compost bin...

And here is our candling video of an egg that is developing....

Now we is so hard to be patient!


  1. Awesome - little babies on the way! How much longer until they hatch?

  2. You'll be their Mama before you know it! :)

    The DC